Seattle's Best Coffee Shops

Starbucks Reserve

There’s a reason Seattle is known for its coffee! Thanks to Starbucks we are a coffee capitol. If you’re visiting Seattle, of course you need to go see the first Starbucks located in Pike’s Place Market. After seeing the history of the first store, you must go to the Starbucks Reserve! They have an incredible open space showing how they process their coffee and have since expanded to open a bar and restaurant inside!

Union Coffee

This bright, white, two story coffee shop is one to see! They serve Olympia Coffee and have a quiet environment to study or relax.


There are a few Stumptown coffee shops in Seattle. They serve their own brand of coffee and have great beverages to bring with you to take home. This is one of Spencer’s favorite coffee brands that started in Portland!

Mr. West Cafe

This is not only a great coffee shop but a great little restaurant as well! It’s always busy anytime I have gone. A classic order aside from their coffee is the avocado toast! It’s a must!

La Marzocco

A coffee shop with so much space! This place is located right next to the Seattle Center and other large venues. The coffee shop also has a cool studio behind the black wall.

Evoke Coffee

This is a newer coffee shop to Seattle within the last year. I’ve met the owner when we were in and they were so nice to us! If you’re aren’t going for the great coffee, or the first coffee sign we can all relate to, then go to see the resident pup!

Cedar & Spokes

Located right beneath Pike’s Place Market, this coffee shop is about to have one of the best views of the water! We’ve all heard about the 99 coming down that goes along side the water, when this leaves, you’re about to have an incredible view!

Little Oddfellows

A lot of people know about Oddfellows restaurant in Seattle. Not many know about Little Oddfellows located just down the street inside of Eliot Bay Books. This cozy spot is a great place to come after you’ve looked through this large book store. I don’t even like to read, but somehow I still found myself wandering the isles!


Storyville is right in Pikes Place Market. The coffee shop even has a view of the iconic sign. When you’re downtown this is the place you have to go before picking up your market flowers!