lululemon atheltica favorites

Everyday Wear

On the Fly Pant Woven 28”

These are some of my favorite pants to dress up and dress down! They are great for office, traveling, or commuting. Can you get away with wearing comfortable pants? absolutely!

On Repeat Bomber

This new cropped jacket is soft and cute! There was a longer version out earlier this year, but this takes the cake!

Non-Stop Bomber Reversible

I’ve had my eye on this jacket for quite a while! It’s reversible! You get two different styles out of one jacket, so you might as well think of it as half the price. Dark Olive is one of my new favorite colors from this season! Each one of these everyday items can be found in this color!

Working Out

Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II Nulux 25”

These were my first pair of workout pants and this is what converted me! This fabric is made to adhere to sweat, so it doesn’t move at all. They are high waisted, and feature pockets on the sides and throughout the waistband.

Reveal Crop Top En Avante

I love this top because of the tight fit! When I’m doing a lot of movement, I don’t want a “flowy” top to get in the way of my practice. The mesh top gives a lot of good breathability too!

Swiftly Tech Racerback

These tanks are made with an anti-stink technology! Use this tank for all of your sweaty pursuits. This racerback is fitted and long so it won’t go anywhere when you train.

Energy Bra Long Line

This bra is designed for a medium B/C support. The extra fabric at the bottom gives that little extra coverage that I love!

Keep Hot Stay Cold Bottle

Keeps your water cold for 24 hours and your drinks hot for 9 hours!


Align Jogger 28”

If you have ever tried align leggings on before, you are aware of the obsession with this fabric! The moment I tried these on, I knew that it was no question - I HAD to have them!

Pro Tip: Size up! These babies run slim. Also, buy black ASAP, it always sells out!

Warm Down Jogger II 28”

These were my first ever pair of lululemon sweat pants, and I was not disappointed. This is your perfect classic pair of sweats to have on hand.

Ready to Rulu Pant Updated 29”

This is also an ultra soft fabric! Bonus: You can actually workout in these pants! The fabric is actually sweat wicking. Can you tell I have a jogger obsession? It’s been a problem for almost my whole life. I had to dedicate a section to it!

Plush Times Jogger 28”

These are actually on mark down! Get a good deal on these VELOUR lined joggers. I guarantee you’ll be changed forever.


Align Pant II 25”

These pants are high waisted and made with the best buttery soft fabric! Do not work out in these pants though, they are made only for yoga. I wear these as my everyday leggings! They aren’t see through and totally comfy!

Align Short 4”

Same incredible fabric, high waisted and in a short version! The align franchise is all over this page, because you just won’t get over how soft it is!

Cool Racerback II Nulu

This racerback is made with nulu, the same fabric as the aligns! This tight fit will stay in place during your practice!

The Reversible Mat 5mm

This mat will give you the cushion and support you need! This is the thickest mat they sell, and my personal fav!


On My Level Bag

I’ve had my eye on this cute bag! Perfect everyday bag to throw all your goodies into!

All Day Duffle

This is the perfect travel bag! it’s got a slot for your laptop, and a sleeve for your hot tools! My hair is always the last thing I do before I leave and it’s so hard to pack right away! Love everything about this!

Out of Range Kit

I just got this for my sister-in-law’s birthday! One of us had to have it! haha It’s got slots for your make up brushes when you’re on the go.