Seattle's Best Coffee Shops

Starbucks Reserve

There’s a reason Seattle is known for its coffee! Thanks to Starbucks we are a coffee capitol. If you’re visiting Seattle, of course you need to go see the first Starbucks located in Pike’s Place Market. After seeing the history of the first store, you must go to the Starbucks Reserve! They have an incredible open space showing how they process their coffee and have since expanded to open a bar and restaurant inside!

Union Coffee

This bright, white, two story coffee shop is one to see! They serve Olympia Coffee and have a quiet environment to study or relax.


There are a few Stumptown coffee shops in Seattle. They serve their own brand of coffee and have great beverages to bring with you to take home. This is one of Spencer’s favorite coffee brands that started in Portland!

Mr. West Cafe

This is not only a great coffee shop but a great little restaurant as well! It’s always busy anytime I have gone. A classic order aside from their coffee is the avocado toast! It’s a must!

La Marzocco

A coffee shop with so much space! This place is located right next to the Seattle Center and other large venues. The coffee shop also has a cool studio behind the black wall.

Evoke Coffee

This is a newer coffee shop to Seattle within the last year. I’ve met the owner when we were in and they were so nice to us! If you’re aren’t going for the great coffee, or the first coffee sign we can all relate to, then go to see the resident pup!

Cedar & Spokes

Located right beneath Pike’s Place Market, this coffee shop is about to have one of the best views of the water! We’ve all heard about the 99 coming down that goes along side the water, when this leaves, you’re about to have an incredible view!

Little Oddfellows

A lot of people know about Oddfellows restaurant in Seattle. Not many know about Little Oddfellows located just down the street inside of Eliot Bay Books. This cozy spot is a great place to come after you’ve looked through this large book store. I don’t even like to read, but somehow I still found myself wandering the isles!


Storyville is right in Pikes Place Market. The coffee shop even has a view of the iconic sign. When you’re downtown this is the place you have to go before picking up your market flowers!

lululemon athletica favorites *men's edition*


Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve

I love the Metal Vent franchise because of their anti-stink technology! There’s nothing worse than throwing clothes in the hamper [or back of your car] and causing a stink! These guys are a great shirt to work out in!

Evolution Polo

This polo is great for golfing! It also includes the anti-stink technology for those long hot days without a cart.

Surge Warm Long Sleeve

This is one of my favorite men’s shirts that we carry! It’s made with a super soft material that’s great for cold days while you sweat.

Pace Breaker Short *Linerless 7”

These shorts come in either a 7” inseam or a 9” depending on your preference! They also come in lined or linerless. They are light weight with an elastic waistband. Defiantly you’re go to!

Lounge Wear

Intent Jogger *30”

Intent Joggers have such a soft material! If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear, I think you’ll be happiest in this.

5 Year Basic Tee

A great shirt for layering. It’s a great fit with soft material. One of the best thing about lululemon products is that they all come pre-shrunk! I can’t tell you the issues I’ve had with accidentally putting Spencer’s shirt in the dryer…

City Sweat Pullover Hoodie *Thermo

I love the City Sweat franchise! Their regular joggers are a great fit, and this sweatshirt is no different.


Down to the Wire Shirt

This button up shirt as more of a fitted look. One of our friends even considered having their groomsmen wear it for their wedding!

ABC Pant * Skinny

These are brand new to the company!! The ABC franchise comes in a classic fit, slim, and skinny. Length for each style come in 34” and the company offers free hemming to get you the perfect fit. ABC stands for “anti ball crushing”, so you can count on a comfortable dress pant!

lululemon atheltica favorites

Everyday Wear

On the Fly Pant Woven 28”

These are some of my favorite pants to dress up and dress down! They are great for office, traveling, or commuting. Can you get away with wearing comfortable pants? absolutely!

On Repeat Bomber

This new cropped jacket is soft and cute! There was a longer version out earlier this year, but this takes the cake!

Non-Stop Bomber Reversible

I’ve had my eye on this jacket for quite a while! It’s reversible! You get two different styles out of one jacket, so you might as well think of it as half the price. Dark Olive is one of my new favorite colors from this season! Each one of these everyday items can be found in this color!

Working Out

Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II Nulux 25”

These were my first pair of workout pants and this is what converted me! This fabric is made to adhere to sweat, so it doesn’t move at all. They are high waisted, and feature pockets on the sides and throughout the waistband.

Reveal Crop Top En Avante

I love this top because of the tight fit! When I’m doing a lot of movement, I don’t want a “flowy” top to get in the way of my practice. The mesh top gives a lot of good breathability too!

Swiftly Tech Racerback

These tanks are made with an anti-stink technology! Use this tank for all of your sweaty pursuits. This racerback is fitted and long so it won’t go anywhere when you train.

Energy Bra Long Line

This bra is designed for a medium B/C support. The extra fabric at the bottom gives that little extra coverage that I love!

Keep Hot Stay Cold Bottle

Keeps your water cold for 24 hours and your drinks hot for 9 hours!


Align Jogger 28”

If you have ever tried align leggings on before, you are aware of the obsession with this fabric! The moment I tried these on, I knew that it was no question - I HAD to have them!

Pro Tip: Size up! These babies run slim. Also, buy black ASAP, it always sells out!

Warm Down Jogger II 28”

These were my first ever pair of lululemon sweat pants, and I was not disappointed. This is your perfect classic pair of sweats to have on hand.

Ready to Rulu Pant Updated 29”

This is also an ultra soft fabric! Bonus: You can actually workout in these pants! The fabric is actually sweat wicking. Can you tell I have a jogger obsession? It’s been a problem for almost my whole life. I had to dedicate a section to it!

Plush Times Jogger 28”

These are actually on mark down! Get a good deal on these VELOUR lined joggers. I guarantee you’ll be changed forever.


Align Pant II 25”

These pants are high waisted and made with the best buttery soft fabric! Do not work out in these pants though, they are made only for yoga. I wear these as my everyday leggings! They aren’t see through and totally comfy!

Align Short 4”

Same incredible fabric, high waisted and in a short version! The align franchise is all over this page, because you just won’t get over how soft it is!

Cool Racerback II Nulu

This racerback is made with nulu, the same fabric as the aligns! This tight fit will stay in place during your practice!

The Reversible Mat 5mm

This mat will give you the cushion and support you need! This is the thickest mat they sell, and my personal fav!


On My Level Bag

I’ve had my eye on this cute bag! Perfect everyday bag to throw all your goodies into!

All Day Duffle

This is the perfect travel bag! it’s got a slot for your laptop, and a sleeve for your hot tools! My hair is always the last thing I do before I leave and it’s so hard to pack right away! Love everything about this!

Out of Range Kit

I just got this for my sister-in-law’s birthday! One of us had to have it! haha It’s got slots for your make up brushes when you’re on the go.

Pure Bliss

You all know I love Target! Recently, they have introduced a new product line, Bliss. If you casually walk down the Target isles in your spare time, then you’ve probably seen the vibrant blues and pinks popping off the shelves!


Bliss has been around since 1996 and setting itself apart from the beginning. It actually began as a spa that created a welcoming environment [including a BROWNIE bar] as opposed to others that might make you feel intimidated for a first time visit. The spa has attracted stars like Oprah and Madonna! It’s expanded to offering products to create an at home spa experience.

Since getting my own pet [Harvey turns 2 in November!] I can not believe what an animal lover I have become! If you’ve seen Legally Blonde 2 you know the injustice that some animals can experience because of products being made. Bliss is a cruelty free line of beauty products! This means that they do not use animal testing in the making of anything sold. Tests on animals can be painful and cause suffering since in the testing phase they don’t know how products made will react to their skin. Bliss proudly prints on all products their cruelty free stance!

It was only fitting that during my at home spa session, Harvey wanted to join me…

I’ve been to lucky to have received some new products from Bliss this year. I wanted to share a few of my favorite ones! When you’re shopping you’ve gotta pick up at least one to try! Or if you want to order online the links are attached to the photos below!

Ladies Conference

All year, always leads up to this moment. Our church hosts a ladies conference every year. Our Senior Pastor - my mom - for the last 5 years has cast vision for the ladies of our community to have a mountain top experience in their faith journey. This year was no different! Our word for the year was Hope Calls. Here’s a sneak peak of what this year looked like!

It’s so much fun to be a part of! We have 20 team leads that serve on our conference team. Without them, none of this would be possible. These men and women are so creative and help bring the vision to life! If you want to know how anything goes without error, it’s because of these individuals. I am so thankful that there are others who just have a heart to serve. From our leads, to our student interns, to members of our church community. THANK YOU! You create an environment where it’s easy to receive and feel blessed.

When I heard the word Hope Calls, I didn’t really think much about it. It sounds inspiring.

I actually learned so much this week. I’m excited to grow and challenge myself! I wanted to share a little bit about what I learned and the knowledge I gained from some incredible women who preached at our Ladies Conference these last few days!


Night One

April Carter is from Yakima, Washington at Together Church. I was so blessed to hear wisdom from her! She gave an insightful analogy of how to live your life in priority. Here it is:

Take a jar and fill it with large rocks. You might think that it’s full. Fill it with gravel and you might still say that the jar is full. Now fill the jar with sand, and still you might think that it’s at capacity. Finally, fill the jar with water. Now, all the space is filled. If you try to reverse this process and start with water and then add the sand, gravel, and rocks, the jar won’t be able to contain it all and the contents will overflow.

Don’t live your life out of order!

Day Two

Over 900 ladies were in attendance!

My mom spoke in the morning session. The Best is Yet to Come! Do you sometimes feel like you’re wishing your life away? That has been me for the last few weeks. I’ve been so exhausted and emotionally drained. I keep looking forward to this trip to Disneyland next week thinking that if I could just getaway then I’d be refreshed. I left this conference more refreshed, encouraged and filled up than I expected!

Here is what my mom had to say about Hope:

-Hope believes when evidence is eliminated

-Hope listens for answers when no one is talking

-Hope smiles with confidence when no one is laughing

-Hope calls in the midst of the storm

There’s a difference between wishes and hopes. Wishes are optimistic thoughts that don’t request action. But hope, it requires trust.


Hope Calls

Hope is a feeling of expectancy.

Day Two

My sister is now an author! She has used her testimony as a way to encourage others. Dancing in the Dark is a book I can’t wait to share with you all! Stay turned as I interview her about the book later on this month! She has always been so full of wisdom and lives as an inspiration to anyone who knows her. There was one quote that stuck with me she shared from Lisa Bevere, “Obedience is the highest form of spiritual warfare.” Don’t you agree, that sometimes doing the right thing can be really hard? There’s a reason why life isn’t always so easy. Obedience doesn’t always benefit us either. Like Britney said, it DOES benefit everyone around us!

- Dancing in the Dark -

pre order at

Night TWO

Leanne Matthesius is originally from Australia, and her and her husband has a church in San Diego, California - C3 Church. We were all encouraged to fight for ourselves and our households. She told the story of Jael from Judges 4 and how she saved an entire nation! “Don’t Mess with a Godly Housewife” was her message title. “The Life as a Wife” rang in my head of course… You are more than just a housewife, or just a girl! Here are my key takeaways from Pastor Leanne:

-Jael refused to be a victim

-She was discerning

-She used what was in her hand to take out the enemy


I had such an incredible experience! If you are not in a community, I want to encourage you and also invite you to join mine! Everything is better when we are together. There’s nothing as amazing when the feminine heart comes and joins in together.

Don’t miss out on another opportunity like this one!

You can register for next years’ conference now.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

You may have seen me post about this a lot recently, but don’t you feel like sometimes you have those seasons where you just can’t keep up? Especially during the holidays, it’s event after event… and suddenly your whole week is taken over with obligations. Or maybe you’ve over committed yourself and now there’s no time in the day to do what you actually want to do. Somehow time just slips away from you and it feels like you’re just going through the motions.

This week, I felt that we had to address this before it gets too late! There is a way to create balance! take these five steps, and I know that it will help improve your efficiency.


Get a Planner

There’s something different about writing something out. Spencer and I recently just bought planners for ourselves. There is so much going on, and so much that we want to accomplish, this helps to create a visual of what’s on your plate.

When I worked for my parents, we would get away before the start of every year and prepare for how we’d challenge ourselves to grow! In our calendars we used emphasis days. We all juggle so much, and some days it makes sense to focus on one area and make that your priority.

Add everything to your calendar! Work, the gym, homework, chores, side hustles, strategic planning, rest… If you don’t schedule it, it might not be as important to accomplish. Recently a celebrity posted his daily routine schedule. It’s CRAZY to see how hard they work and what they make time for. Trust me on this, it’s a good plan!

2. Quality Time with Positive People

Don’t be too busy with your obligations that you forget to have fun! Make plans to spend time with people who lift you up! When life gets so busy, sometimes it feels like we don’t have a “life.” It’s important to set aside time to be social! Even if it’s once a week, or once a month! When you’re in those grinding seasons surround yourself with those who can encourage you to push through, work hard, and keep going!


3. Getaways

Whatever season you’re in, it’s so important to get away. Wherever you live or work, that’s your battleground. We are all fighting for something! To achieve real rest, sometimes you just need to get out of your everyday space. Pack a bag, even if its just for a day. Drive a couple hours and take some time away from your routines, away from the craziness, and far away from your problems. Have any of you seen What About Bob? OMG it’s so funny! Bob’s therapist tells him to take a vacation from his problems, but sometimes I think that as silly as this advice is, it’s genius. Stop dwelling so much on what’s in front of you and just take a break.

4. Solitude

This might be the most challenging for me. Taking time to myself or by myself. I know some of you are parents and probably are thinking, “just you wait!” Well, I’m not there yet. haha The time might go by fast, it might go by slow, but don’t be afraid to be a little “lonely.” I remember when I was younger and a preacher once said that loneliness is lethal. Take time to really just reflect and gather yourself. Have slow feet!

5. Make Time with God a Priority

This might be last on this list, but it’s because it’s the one that you should remember most! God doesn’t want us to carry our burdens ourselves. We weren’t made to do this all on our own. Everyday, whatever your plans, start it with your daily devotions. I guarantee it will set you in a better mood and fill you with wisdom. If you try to do this all on your own you’ll be tired, you will feel like quitting, and you will not be able to sustain it for long. If you want longevity and success, make time with God a priority. If your principles are in place, the particulars will take care of themselves,

Grocery Shopping Made Easy!

Am I the only one who LOVES grocery shopping?

I literally have a system for everything. The way I make my grocery list, the way I bag my groceries. It’s a science ok? Or OCD… Still to be determined.

I get a lot of friends asking me about doing a grocery haul so here it is! I’ll be honest with you, I shop at Winco. Every week on South Hill I’m there! It’s cheap [because they don’t accept credit cards] and it’s conveniently close to my house. You know when you just have your routine and get comfortable with where you like to go? It’s YOUR spot now. I know where everything is categorized to in their store!


Before you go shopping, there are a handful of essentials that you just need to always have stocked in your kitchen…


The first section of Winco always guides you to the produce. I love fruit! I always make sure to grab a few things so that I can make smoothies or just have on hand for a healthy snack. Pick your favorites but be realistic about what you actually need.

After the fruit comes the vegetables! I usually get the same vegetables whenever I go because I’m pretty picky… I pick veggies that will be quick and easy to make as a side dish or ones that can be versatile for multiple dishes throughout the week.

Don’t forget fresh herbs! They can be a little spendy, so there is only one that I always need. I make bruschetta everyday.. So you guessed it, basil!


Jarred Goods

Italian food is basically what we live off of, only because it’s the best food in the entire world. If you disagree, then you’re wrong! So, here are a few items that I routinely need to replenish from my pantry stash of goods!


I might not stock these every week, but they are great options to keep around. I can’t tell you how often I make chicken and rice with Frank’s hot sauce or soy sauce because it’s so easy.


You’re about to see how Italian I really am [with a nod to Spencer’s Japanese heritage]. Carbs are my absolute weakness! If there’s anything I would be sad to give up it’s this. You can never have too much pasta!!!!!!!!!!!